Personality & Emotional Intelligence

Assess – A highly validated and reliable tool, used world-wide that uses personality traits to predict success or areas for growth in 38 key competencies.  Competency models are customized for each client based on needs.  While personality is said to be “set”, we know that in practice a variety of personality traits can be shifted in order to have better internal balance and stronger, more fulfilling relationships.

  1. Assess Personality – a personality based tool that looks at innate and learned personality traits to predict success in a business competencies.  Recommended uses: individuals for personal growth and teams for improved effectiveness around communication and understanding different styles.

Emotional Intelligence – using the Multi-Health Systems/Dr. Bar-On EQi tool we help individuals and teams look at how their behaviour is helping or hindering their success.  One thing we know to be true is that behaviours can be changed.  We’re not saying it’s easy but it can be done and we see a huge success with our clients who choose to make some shifts to have a better life and career.

  1. EQi Workplace – looks at behaviour related to interactions within the work place.
  2. EQi Leadership – similar to the workplace report, in addition measuring general interactions with others in the workplace, the leadership report adds in a layer of leadership competencies and how those are impacted.

TypeCoach – based on Jungian theory and similar to MBTI principles, this self-assessment helps individuals and teams to understand their type and the impact it has on communication with different types.  It is an online self-assessment that is interactive and includes built in features such as type-to-type comparisons, team charts and coaching videos. Recommended uses: individual and team development to improve communications.

For teams we create a custom link for your team or organization that populates each team member into a chart that is visible to the whole team.  The benefit is that teams get immediate feedback on who is what preference style and tools to better interact with them without having to wait.

If your preference is the Psychometric MBTI we are happy to accommodate and are certified in this tool as well.

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Find out how your personality, style, and behaviour are impacting you and others and how minor shifts can improve your success.

360' Feedback

Assess 360′ Feedback – this tool focuses on feedback from self, boss, direct reports, peers and others to understand perceptions of performance outcomes in essential business competency areas.  Recommended uses:  individuals and teams who have some level of self-awareness and are motivated to get under the surface to see what others think they are great at (validation) and to identify areas for development that will help improve overall performance, increase morale, contribute to a more effective team and increase overall fulfilment.

Global Leader of the future 360′ Feedback – this Marshall Goldsmith tool has great use for leaders working with scope in international environments. More information can be found here.

Other Specialities

Some of our other areas of speciality certifications include:

  • Adult/Ego Development, Susanne Cook-Grueter & Harthill 
  • Conflict Modes, Thomas-Kilmann
  • Neuroscience, David Rock (Suzanne Ricard-Greenway)
  • Hogans & Barrett Values (Natalie Michael)

Other tools which do not require certification that we use include:

  • Career inventory
  • Saboteurs
  • Values inventory

Hiring & Selection

Assess – Hiring & Selection – this tool from the Assess line is validated and reliable in predicting performance based on innate personality and business competencies.  It helps hiring managers and HR leaders to determine best fit related to our hardwiring and provides interview tools and probes related to a specific candidate.  This tool has helped a variety of our clients make better hiring decisions and with more confidence that they have the right fit vs. just a technical fit.