facilitation and workshops

We design and facilitate a variety of sessions and workshops related to:

Leadership Development – topics may be taught as one:of to address specific team needs or to develop integrated leadership development programs.

  • Sample topics include:
    • Emotional Intelligence
    • Coaching for Leaders
    • Adaptive Leadership / Leadership Styles
    • Managing Conflict
    • Performing of Self and Team to get Results
    • Hiring for Behavioural Fit – Right vs. Best
    • Strategic Influcence
    • Aligning Passion with your Work
    • Decision-Making
    • Type Preference using TypeCoach


Team Effectiveness / Team Building 

  • Sample topics include:
    • TypeCoach / MBTi – how we are different not difficult
    • Personality – comparision of indiviual traits and impact on team communications and effectiveness
    • Trust in teams; being courageous
    • Feedback and feedforward to increase transparency in communications
    • Emotional Intellligence – how our behaviour impacts team performance

Operational / Strategic planning

  • faciltiation of planning sessions, typically includes some team building

Key Notes

  • Samples include: emotional intelligence; effective communications; feedback and feedforward, ego development


Workshops can be designed as a one-off or can be combined to create a custom leadership development program.  For instance a foundational level program could include Emotional Intelligence, Coaching, Conflict, Performance and Hiring with a group project as the final module.

  • One-day workshops range from $4,800-10,000
  • Half-day workshops range from $2,500 – $6,000
  • Typical program costs range from $3,000pp to $10,000pp
  • Client provides facilities and AV
  • Materials, handouts, assessments, GST additional

Range differences depend on modules selected, customization, # of participants, non-profit/public sector status and client relationships.

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