about us

Cheryl Stafford & Associates is a boutique executive coaching and leadership/team development firm with a clear purpose – to support leaders to have meaningful and high impact careers and lives that are holistically aligned.  We support organizations to identify and unlock leadership potential which leads to better individual and organizational performance including increased staff engagement.

We have been in business for over six years, choosing to partner with clients who share our values and mission for making the world a better place through personal and leadership success.

Our team has extensive experience and certifications in coaching, leadership development, course design and facilitation, in addition to having been senior leaders in Human Resources, Training and Organizational Development for various organizations.

our approach

When designing and implementing leadership and team development programs, we use a holistic approach to draw from our own personal experience and areas of talent combined with current research and science to create effective and real-life programming that is easy to understand and implement.

We believe that all professionals want to succeed and we provide them with the tools to communicate that vision of success as well as their leadership presence to others so that they are visible in the way they want to be seen. We also believe in the idea of starting with values, passion and talent.  When these are aligned professionals and teams understand their value add and can work to strengthen behaviours that will support their use of these and in return provide them with a fulfilling and awesome career and life!

our values

Making a Difference

We work to make the world a better place through coaching others to be their best and to pay it forward


We value trusting relationships and care about those we work with and for


Supporting others to achieve transformation in their life through focusing on doing what they are passionate about


We provide quality and customized service


We use in and out of the box approaches to conceptualize and create action


We are grateful for the opportunities we have to work with fabulous clients

Our Mission
Making the world a better place by inspiring others to do what they love, love what they do and live a fulfilled-balanced life that reflects their values, passion and talents.