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We help you discover your path to success, and support you with the tools to get there through coaching and leadership training. To get started, tell us a bit more about you and your needs.

I'm a people manager looking for coaching and leadership training or team building programs for my team or organization.

I’m a professional looking for personal coaching or leadership training.

leadership and team development

We work with leaders and their teams to improve communication and outcomes. Our programs are designed to identify performance roadblocks and unlock leadership potential, which leads to increased team member engagement and improved results.


You’ll get the tactics and tools you need to understand and overcome gaps in individual or team performance, leading to transformational outcomes personally and professionally.


Program elements may include:

  • clarity on goals and outcomes - we offer tailored coaching by discussing your organization's needs and building a custom plan to achieve your goals
  • growth and self-awareness assessments - personality and emotional intelligence, communication effectiveness, conflict style, 360' review
  • workshop design and facilitation - leadership skills, effective communication, coach approach, navigating and resolving, conflict, decision-making, strategic influence, emotional intelligence, values alignment, team dynamics
  • action planning - development of leadership plans to highlight areas of focus to ensure success and achievement of goals
  • resources - practical tactics and tools for everyday use
  • learning / mentoring sessions - additional team or one:one support to advance deeper learning and application
  • tailored peer coaching / team coaching - capitalize on strengths, share successes, overcome obstacles, build confidence


“She helps clients understand what is important versus what is urgent. She can help a team to understand its dynamics and how it can improve. She helps leaders see the priorities they need to address, in what way and in what order. If you are looking for someone to help you better understand yourself, your organization, your team and, most importantly, how to better drive its mission, then I highly recommend Cheryl to you.”


Barbara, President and CEO


"Cheryl is incredibly intuitive, and her approach is very respectful and insightful. She is extremely accommodating when scheduling sessions and very respectful of everyone’s time. Through guided sessions, Cheryl helps you understand yourselves and others to so that you can communicate with each other more effectively. This training ultimately changes and shifts your entire view of the people around you. This work is perfect for individuals or organizations that want to become more effective in communicating with leaders, employees, peers and on a personal level with their family members."


France, Chief Financial Officer

executive coaching

Our one-on-one coaching programs are personalized to help you align who you are with what you do. You’ll build the self-awareness you need to better lead your team, improve your relationships in and out of the office, and maximize your ability to achieve and experience the satisfaction of personal and professional success.


Program elements may include:

  • kick off - create a tailored coaching plan and identify coaching goals (what) and actions (how) to achieve them
  • growth and self-awareness assessments - personality and emotional intelligence, communication effectiveness, conflict style, 360' review to increase self-awareness and identify specific targets to add to coaching plan
  • looping in of manager for goal input and progress feedback
  • individual coaching - capitalize on strengths, overcome obstacles, build confidence
  • resources - practical tactics and tools for everyday use


"The process is very collaborative. Cheryl really takes the time to understand and help us clarify what we are looking for and how we would like the process to unfold. The biggest moment for us was that it was very helpful for our team to understand, all at the same time and place, that we communicate differently and make decisions differently because of our preferred personality type. This level of awareness, combined with resources to modify our approach, has really made a difference in how we work together as leaders, both with each other and our direct reports. It has provided us with a roadmap, tools and a common language. The benefit has been steady improvement in communication and work relationships."


Rita, HR Director and Doramy, CEO


"Our organization has been working with Cheryl and her team for many years for one-on-one leadership coaching, team building and on several larger bi-annual projects. Cheryl is a very effective and compassionate coach who has led my team and I through some challenging situations. Her calm demeanor and her straightforward approach are much appreciated. Her perspective is thoughtful and inclusive and has helped guide our organization through several transitions. I look forward to many more years of working together."


Stephanie, Executive Director

program design

We are certified in a wide variety of tools and theories to assess how our clients think, work, and relate.


When designing programs we consider best practices in adult learning to make the programs targeted, practical, fun and interactive. We incorporate experience and science into our program content to produce a learning environment that delivers results for our clients.


Assessment certifications to support coaching and customized training include:

  • TypeCoach personality preference, based on Jungian theory
  • Harver personality and competency, based on HEXACO
  • Spectiv 360’
  • Global leadership assessment 360'
  • Emotional Intelligence, EQI 2.0
  • Saboteurs
  • Kilmann Conflict Mode
  • Harthill Ego/Adult Development
  • Strengths Development Inventory 2.0


We have familiarity with many other assessments; recommendation is based on specific client needs / interests.